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Award-Winning Dental Care for Your Whole Family

21 Elissa Ave., Wayland, MA 01778

Closeup of woman smiling with straight teethCrooked, spaced-out, or rotated teeth got you down? Although the large majority of patients are born with orthodontic issues like these, they can still take a serious toll on your confidence. Furthermore, they can negatively impact your general health! That’s why braces are so much more than just an investment in the appearance of your smile – they are an investment in its function and your overall well-being too. Read on to learn three non-cosmetic benefits of straight teeth.

#1: Better Digestion

Crooked and gapped teeth are just a few of the many orthodontic issues that can negatively impact your bite. In short, if your teeth don’t come together evenly, then your food is likely not being broken down as well as it should be. To compensate, your digestion system has to kick into overdrive, which can lead to indigestion and an upset stomach. Fortunately, braces can move your teeth into their properly aligned positions, improving your bite and, in turn, your digestion.

#2: Improved Oral Health

Do you persistently get cavities? Your misaligned teeth may be the root of the problem! The unique crevices that crooked and spaced-out teeth create leave room for food particles, plaque, and bacteria to collect. Since the bristles of your toothbrush may not be able to reach, it’s easy to see why orthodontic issues can increase your risk of tooth decay. Don’t worry – braces are up for the challenge. By addressing misalignment head-on, they can straighten your teeth and improve your oral hygiene routine in the process.

#3: Enhanced Overall Health

Serious dental problems, like cavities and gum disease, don’t just take a toll on your oral health – they negatively impact your overall well-being too. That’s because the harmful bacteria can easily spread throughout your body via your bloodstream, traveling to your vital organs. Not to mention your mouth’s close proximity to your brain! Since straight teeth are significantly easier to clean, investing in braces can reduce your chances of developing dental issues and the subsequent general health problems previously mentioned.

From your digestion to your overall well-being, now you know a few of the many ways pursuing straight teeth can benefit you. So, if you’re interested in getting braces but have yet to schedule an appointment, now is the time to act!

About the Practice

Simply Dental & Orthodontics is comprised of a team that is genuinely passionate about providing you with a smile that is as healthy as it is beautiful. We know that misaligned teeth and poor bites are much more than a cosmetic concern – they can negatively impact your oral and overall health. That’s why we focus on creating custom treatment plans that deliver smile-transforming results time and time again. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of braces or would like to schedule an appointment, get in touch with our team via our website or by phone at 508-358-6300.